Stella Artois goes green via black-and-white


Mother London goes full-throttle retro-futuristic to promote Stella Artois' new lightweight bottle with a spoof 1960s French TV variety show whose hosts are obsessed with saving carbon dioxide. (The new bottle creates less CO2 during its production.) This kind of high-concept mishmash usually falls flat, but while the humor here is stretched somewhat thin, the self-consciously oddball approach succeeds through sheer manic energy. The gigantic VHS tape and 1980s-style VCR, treadmill-running hedgehog and spacey Marina and the Diamonds music video add to the sudsy fun. The swingin' dance-robot, however, is clearly just cooling his jets until the time comes to incinerate us all. See a second clip after the jump.

—Posted by David Gianatasio