Sometimes a little profanity goes a long way

Who knew Barbra Streisand was such a potty-mouth? She told an audience member to “shut the fuck up” at her Madison Square Garden Concert on Monday night, according to Associated Press. It’s not like the guy didn’t have a legitimate gripe. He paid something like $8,000 for a ticket to see Streisand sing, and she launches into some goofy political skit with a Bush impersonator who portrays the president as a bumbler—something you can see on CNN pretty much any night. The people came to hear you sing, Babs. Save the political schtick for the fundraisers! Although I have to say, the results of her outburst were impressive. She tells one guy to shut the fuck up, and everyone in a giant arena falls into a hushed silence. Christ, when I tell someone to shut the fuck up, I get slapped, or told to shut the fuck up back. Maybe I should take singing lessons. Or just shut up.

—Posted by Steve McClellan