Something fishy is going on with ice cream

Salmon_icecreamAll those pregnant women craving pickles and ice cream, take note! Weird and wacky savory ice cream flavors are making a splash in the East, and perhaps eventually will spread to our shores. After setting up shop in a bustling fish market, Taiwanese vendor Liny Hsueh has created ice cream flavors including pineapple shrimp, wasabi cuttlefish, strawberry tuna and mango seaweed, in colors from orange to green to black, Agence France Presse reports. Sometimes the ice cream comes with a sprinkle of small dried fish, roe or chopped squid. Despite the fact some customers initially worry the ice cream will be "disgusting and weird," Hsueh’s business is booming and she is expanding. The next flavor she’s working on? Scallops.

—Posted by Mae Anderson