Socially Stressed? Ask Your Doctor About ‘Not Having Kids’

Freedom and regret, all in one dose of parody advertising

Since everyone I know is getting married and having children (and making sure Facebook stays informed about every step of those processes), this ad for a fake drug called Not Having Kids is rather timely.

Put together by Internet funny guy Jason A. Messina, the ad riffs on medication advertising's tone and imagery (lots of hikers in those ads) alongside the pervasive social pressure to settle down and procreate by the time one hits 30.

The temptation to be a smug, overbearing asshole about major life decisions cuts both ways, though, which Messina doesn't ignore. The side effects of Not Having Kids are pretty heavy on regret, and when it comes time to list them all in true pharma fashion, the video definitely takes a turn from reinforced selfishness to a downright dark level of self-reflection.