In snubbing Haim, Hollywood gets last word


It’s never too late to give Corey Haim another beatdown. Hollywood took what may be its last opportunity to snub the late actor—whose entire life after The Lost Boys was essentially one giant snub—by leaving him out of Sunday’s “In Memoriam” segment at the Oscars. Haim, who died of pneumonia and a heart condition last March at age 38, had been an outcast in the movie business for the better part of 20 years because of his chronic drug problems. But in 2008, he famously made a personal appeal to the industry with a full-page ad in Variety (shown here), in which he promised to “make amends” for his behavior over the years. Weeks later, he was using again. The establishment continued to shun him, and his pariah status was confirmed last night. Not that many seemed viewers to care. None of this year’s omissions (including Peter Graves and Betty Garrett) caused the kind of outrage that leaving out Farah Fawcett did last year.