Sega pioneering pee-activated urinal games


Sega is installing urinal gaming systems around Tokyo that allow you to play games with your fluids. A pressure sensor in the urinal measures the strength and location of your flow and sends the feedback to a video screen mounted at eye level. The Toylet sytem has four different games you can play: “Mannekin Pis,” named after the famous statue, that measures how hard you can pee; “Graffiti Eraser,” where you act as a firehose washing graffiti off a wall; “The Northern Wind, The Sun and Me,” where you, the deeply perverted north wind, encounter a busty girl in a nice dress and decide to go for a panty shot (the harder the wind blows, the higher the skirt goes); and “Battle! Milk From Nose,” where your urine becomes milk being squirted from a nose, and your squirts are compared to those of the last person to use the urinal. If you’re particularly proud of your pee and carry your USB drive to the bathroom, you can save your scores on the stick for later. Ads are served up in between games. So, advertisers, if you want your product to be associated with urination, do not miss this opportunity. Predictably, one of the ads now running is for beer.