Sad dogs teach you about power of TV ads


Here's a perfect example of the difference between dogs and cats, played out in two new U.K. commercials. For that Ikea ad, agency Mother set 100 cats loose in a store and filmed the results. It's like a cat hater's vision of hell, and there's nary a litterbox in sight. ("I want to return this ottoman, mate, it bloody well reeks of cat!") Now, Harvey the dog, the star of in Red Brick Road's spot below for Thinkbox (which is the marketing arm of the U.K.'s top broadcasters—not, as it turns out, a pet-adoption agency), is a helpful, hard-working companion. He shows off his skills in his own personal commercial within a commercial. He does the laundry, picks up the kids and prepares dinner. Frankly, he had me as soon as he used the remote to turn on the TV. "Fetch ESPN for Daddy. Good boy!" Truly man's best friend.