RSPCA chicken gets all up in people’s grills

Who's really irritating and has no concept of other people's personal space? Kanye West? Joe Wilson? Roman Polanski? Those are all correct answers, of course, but imagine how much more annoying each of them would be in a chicken suit! That brings us to this U.K. video by The Good Agency for the RSPCA, which is working to defeat European Union legislation that would allow more chickens to be crammed into tight quarters prior to processing. The chicken-suit guy just goes around harassing people, which annoys some people more than others. (The woman he bumps into on the bus seems very aggravated, though of course it's possible they have sex later on.) The RSPCA could ask Dokken for help; the '80s metal band dislikes chicken, and could clear some space in those cages, no problem. They'd need to watch out for Moby's homicidal pimp-chicken, however. That beast would peck their eyes out, and make a nest out of their big hair.

—Posted by David Gianatasio