Rolling Stones’ deal only gathers dross

Daysofourlives1_1Like sands through the hour-glass, there goes the Rolling Stones’ credibility. Having already found myself perturbed by the fact that the Rolling Stones were marketing one of their new songs, "Streets of Love," by having it played repeatedly on Days of Our Lives, imagine my horror to read this morning’s New York Post and learn of the latest permutation in the band’s branded entertainment deal with the NBC soap. According to the Post’s "Starr Report," the arrangement also includes this: four Days of Our Lives characters were filmed attending a Stones concert in Anaheim last month, with the footage to be included in several episodes later this month. Of course, this whole hookup is incredibly déclassé, but let me also ask some pointed questions: are the people who watch Days of Our Lives big buyers of music? Exactly what target is Mick Jagger trying to reach?

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor