Ringtone gives Coldplay cold shoulder

Ringtones1Is this the future of music? In Britain this week, not only has top-selling act Coldplay been outsold, but it’s been beaten by a cell phone ringtone. The song Crazy Frog Axel F, based on a hugely popular and annoying ringtone, was No. 1 on Sunday over Coldplay’s latest single. Speed of Sound. (The song’s central sample is from the theme song of 1984’s Beverly Hills Cop, starring Eddie Murphy as Det. Axel Foley.) Industry experts say the younger market spends more of its money on video games and cell phone extras than it does on music. This is the first time a cell phone accessory has crossed over and topped the music charts, but it may not be the last: the company that put out Crazy Frog has more ringtones-as-songs to offer in the future.

—Posted by Celeste Ward