Rats! We’re posting about this group again

Gluetrap1We don’t really know why we are giving them yet another plug, when all along they’ve done nothing but annoy us, yet somehow we feel compelled to bring it to your attention that The Great Pointed Archer Society, which supposedly stands for the rights of rats but for some reason has gone to great lengths to target the advertising trade press, has taken its mystifying campaign one step further: video podcasts. Available on iTunes, three 30-second-or-so spots reverse roles, with rats playing humans, and humans playing rats. (Note how we are not stooping to calling rats "great pointed archers" as the society requests.) One shows a man being caught in a human-size mousetrap, another shows a party of people in rat costumes emptying out when they see a human eating their food, a third, pictured here, shows humans being caught in a glue trap while rats walk by. Does anyone out there care to solve this mystery so we can get on with our lives?

—Posted by Mae Anderson