Pro Bono, now more than ever

Bono_1We don’t know who does Bono’s PR, but he’s become a media empire unto himself. U2’s frontman has made the news over the years for a variety of non-musical causes, including AIDS research. But in the past few days, the buzz has reached a frenzy, thanks to a confluence of events: U2’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; the release of Bono’s new clothing line; and speculation that the Irish crooner would be the new president of the World Bank. Here’s a mere sprinkling of Bono-centric headlines from the past two days:

Bono: Legends wouldn’t stand a chance today
“Bono suffers no vertigo as U2 joins rock legends in Hall of Fame”
“Bono’s rock ’n’ roll revenge”
Dress like Bono, help the Third World
“Bono’s fashion moment”
“Should Bono head the World Bank?”
Bono to help developing countries by clothing the rest of us
“Could Bono handle the bank?”
“Bono says Powell could make ‘amazing’ World Bank head”
What’s next for Bono? Nobel Prize?
“Bono denies Bank shot”
“Bono would refuse World Bank role”

President Bush, of course, has now said he will nominate Paul Wolfowitz for the World Bank post. So everyone can just calm down.

—Posted by Lisa van der Pool

Photo: PR Newswire Photo Service