This post has nothing to do with PETA

Petanque1(Before we get rolling with this post, this AdFreak editor has to apologize for not getting this up on Bastille Day, as was my original intent. Fortunately, part of what is referred to here isn’t happening until Sunday.—CPT) Bastille Day is a time to gaze at the Statue of Liberty, watch the Tour de France, compete in the waiter’s race in New York if you’re so inclined, and maybe play a game of petanque. Not familiar with petanque (pronounced pay-tonk)? In France, its a national craze. Basically, two teams throw balls at a steel pellet, and whoever has the closest balls wins. Then you drink wine. Enthusiasts are trying to get the game to make waves stateside, and there is a movement in trying to get it into Olympics. Now that anti-French fervor is a distant memory for most of us (remember freedom fries?), it may be petanque’s time to shine. A tournament will be held in New York on Sunday for New York’s Bastille Day celebration. Check here to find a club near you.

—Posted by Mae Anderson