Place your Super Bowl (ad) bets

Bingo_cardIt’s no surprise that there are a few bucks riding on the Super Bowl, but now online bingo site MaPau Bingo is offering a shot of adrenaline to those who want to place a friendly wager on the game’s ads. “We look forward to the Super Bowl and its ads every year, but lately things have begun to get a little predictable,” the site reads. So to mix it up, visitors to the site can download less-than-artful “Super Bowl Ads Bingo” cards, with entries like Aleve, Cadillac and Monkeys, P. Diddy and lingerie. Super Bowl bingo bets are limited to the confines of your money-grubbing game party guests, but if you want to take cash from faceless opponents online, MaPau is happy to oblige.

—Posted by Deanna Zammit