The Perfect Ad for Anyone Who’s Ever Wanted to See James Franco Get Punched in the Face

Comedy Central obliges

Are you so tired of James Franco's artsy Instagram pictures, his smirking superiority, his pretentious poetry, his cornrow-sporting Spring Breakers white gangsta, his incessant everywhere-ness—so much so that you could just punch him right in his boyishly handsome face? Here's the perfect video snippet for you. The actor-writer-producer-"student of life" already let slip—in a recent Instagram video as laconic and lifeless as his Oscar co-hosting gig in 2011—that he'll be the subject of an upcoming Comedy Central roast. Now the cable network is starting its own promotion, creating the piece of performance art below that a lot of haters will no doubt really dig. Take that, pretty boy! But the 35-year-old star is still standing, of course. He'll play a young Hugh Hefner in the upcoming flick Lovelace, about Linda Lovelace and the porn game-changer Deep Throat, premiering next week. And there's that book of poetry on the way. What a great time for a beatdown. The cable channel roast airs Sept. 2.