Pepsi’s Beckham surf ad wades into the Net

Pepsi2Pepsi has decided it’s safe—more
or less—to go back in the water following the Asian tsunami that forced it to indefinitely
postpone airing a commercial
featuring David Beckham and other soccer stars
surfing while simultaneously playing soccer (or appearing to, anyway). But the
company is still wading back into showing the ad with the PR equivalent of a
life vest. The commercial, directed by Tarsem, is airing exclusively at the
company’s site,
which promotes youth soccer. It won’t be seen on the telly, but will be supported "by a hefty PR campaign" according to a
story in The Guardian
. (You’ll have to register if you want to read the story,
but why bother? You got the skinny from us.)

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor