PBS Sprout is back, but still without Melanie

Sprout It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with our good friends over at PBS KIDS Sprout (totally SFW). You remember, they’re the ones who had the brouhaha last year over Good Night Show host Melanie, who had appeared in a few possibly racy—but definitely stupid—online comedy videos and was fired. Well, they hired a look-alike replacement, and now they’re breaking a new campaign from Red Tettemer that shows kids and parents combining to use their imagination, joy and kindness. That’s all well and good, but when the first image on the screen after each cute “slice-of-life” story is Barney (i.e., evil incarnate) or Caillou (aka, the world’s biggest whiner), it loses a little something. This is anecdotal, but in my house, Sprout has totally dropped off the preferred channel list ever since Melanie left. And it’s not just because Dad’s in charge of the remote. (I wonder if the “Save Melanie” petition is still active.)

—Posted by Aaron Baar