Pam Anderson is a sheep’s best friend

Pam2Ex-Baywatch hottie Pamela Anderson, current star of Stacked on Fox, has a new cause. She’s now an anti-mulesing activist, the AP reports. She’s apparently taking the role quite seriously, writing letters to the prime minister of Australia, where mulesing is practiced by the nation’s sheep exporters. And I guess somebody has to care. For those not in the know (like me, until about 10 minutes ago), mulesing involves slicing flesh and wool from a lamb’s ass to prevent blowflies from laying their eggs in the warm, damp skin. (You’d think a little Skin-So-Soft might do the trick, but what do I know.) Apparently the egg-laying thing is a problem on the lambs’ voyage by ship to the Middle East, where the woolly creatures get their throats cut in a food-processing ritual known as halal. Muslims like to eat meat completely drained of blood and butchered by fellow Muslims. Oh, Anderson objects to that ritual as well. Personally I’m far more concerned about the throat-cuttings of human beings in that part of the world. And if I ever eat lamb’s butt, hopefully it will be sans blowflies.

—Posted by Steve McClellan

Photo: Fox