Our suggestion for a charitable contribution

Christmas_cardIn opening a Christmas card you receive at the office, what do you dread most? If you’re like me, you fear finding a message that says a contribution has been sent in your name to some cause you find utterly unsuitable. (“To celebrate the season, we’ve made a donation in your name to the Al Qaeda Home for Unwed Terrorists” or something along those lines.) Happily, AdFreak has been spared such a fate so far this year. But one never feels altogether safe until New Year’s has come and gone. In these contentious times, philanthropic-minded card senders must realize there’s no such thing as an uncontroversial charity. (Note, for instance, the school of thought that depicts Mother Teresa as a villain.) Anyone tempted to send a donation somewhere in my name is urged to direct it to the New York Mets, who could use the cash to help buy a free-agent power hitter for right field.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver