Olsens prefer wearing fur to going naked

Are the Olsen twins still stars? If not, PETA is helping orchestrate a comeback with a Web site, “Meet the Trollsen Twins,” which chides “Hairy-Kate” and “Trashley” for continuing to wear fur. Trollsen twins, Hairy-Kate, Trashley … not bad. Those greedy striking Hollywood scribes certainly couldn’t do much better, judging by the sisters’ movies. Not that I’ve seen any. Maybe just a few minutes of When in Rome. I was channel surfing. Moving right along, the site makes an important point: It’s time for the twins to get naked in a PETA ad, like every other right-minded washed-up pseudo celebrity. Except Steve-O, who learned this week, after getting bounced in the first frame of our year-end freaky-ad tournament, that he should have kept his pants on. UPDATE: A reader informs us that, humorously, the Google ads on the Trollsens’ MySpace page include pitches for fur coats.

—Posted by David Gianatasio