Old Spice guy fooling around with Microsoft


It's one thing when someone rips off your commercials. It's quite another when they take the actor and his whole routine as well. Judging by this video, Isaiah Mustafa is showing no loyalty to Old Spice and is on board for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 launch in Australia. In the spot, he identifies himself as "the most talked-about man on the Internet." Mustafa isn't shameless enough to do his "Look up, look down" routine, but many of the I'm-so-beefcake affectations are identical. One difference is that Microsoft treads very carefully when it comes to the product, with Mustafa only elliptically referring to "the biggest thing to ever happen to the way you communicate with and connect to the people you care about most." He adds a twinkle when referring to "window." My guess is Procter & Gamble and Wieden + Kennedy are none too happy about this, but it appears they've already moved on from the "I'm on a horse" routine in favor of Ray Lewis. I fear that if Mustafa's acting career doesn't take off, he'll be reprising this same shtick in 20 years when he's gone all soft with age.