Obama on Indiana casino ad: No, you can’t

Everyone still wants a piece of Barack Obama, but a casino in Indiana is among the first advertisers to be pressured to pull an Obama-themed ad. The spot, shown above, features a pretty good Obama sound-alike (it's not actually him) talking up the grand opening of the Indiana Live! Casino. "Our time for change has come," the voiceover says. "Months ago we began the work of making sure that the Indiana! Live Casino is superior to anything that existed in Indiana. Years from now, you will say this was the place where Indiana remembered what it means to have fun." At the request of the Obama administration, the whole campaign's being pulled. The man behind the ads, Dennis Gomes, cynically admits he was hoping all along to get a request from the White House to pull them. "Sure enough, everything I thought would happen, happened," he says.

—Posted by Tim Nudd