N.Y. Times chess blog needs queen’s gambit

Chess Page views are sure to soar into the stratosphere now that NYTimes.com has started a chess blog. Its launch coincides with the U.S. Chess Championship (time for that again, already?) and, according to Editor & Publisher, it “will continue afterwards with coverage of tournaments, events and trends in the chess world.” Back in 1969, Rupert Murdoch introduced “Page 3 Girls” (link NSFW) to boost the circulation of his London tabloids. Why not adapt the idea for the chess blog, inviting users to visit for regular updates on each player’s, um, moves? Full disclosure: I’m still bitter I didn’t win my 6th-grade chess tournament. By the way: Ever see the episode of The Prisoner where they play a human chess match? That was so cool. Finally: Sudoku sucks.

—Posted by David Gianatasio