‘Now I’m taking off my contagion inhibitor’

Alien A Mental Floss reader found this enigmatic flier about a “missing” alien last seen in Ogden, Utah. But instead of being some guerrilla marketing attempt for a movie or TV show, it’s apparently an ad for a phone-sex line. Hey, maybe that’s just a work number for the alien’s concerned roommate. (Not everyone can get a posh job at a record store like Mindy.) Or maybe there’s a niche market for dirty talk with a 10,800-year-old extraterrestrial: “What’s this? My podmate Florm has arrived into my nocturnal restoration chamber, and she’s brought the chromosomal sampling probe!” The third option (and my personal favorite) is that this is the work of a master marketer who knows how to cash in on the recent popularity of steamy alien-on-human action.

—Posted by David Griner