Not everyone’s ads belong on police cars

It’s important to choose your sponsors wisely. Otherwise, a guy who advertises on your city’s police cars might, for example, get arrested for breaking into his old girlfriend’s house and trying to climb into bed with her. Such was the case in Russellville, Ark., where one Christopher Leroy Lash was picked up for trying to relive past glories with his alliteratively named ex, Heidi Hendrix. Lash had been part of a program in which citizens and businesses can pay to upgrade squad cars in exchange for putting stenciled ads on them. (Lash and his former employer, Coldwell Banker, had done so, and were featured on one car.) I guess no one saw this coming. If you know you’re going to commit a crime, stick to advertising in the Yellow Pages, and help everyone save a little face.

—Posted by David Kiefaber