Nokia video recreates classic album covers

This Nokia video by London-based enterThe7thChamber is impossible not to like. It portrays a stupid but amusing conversation between classic album covers via the speaking-in-song-titles routine popularized a few years back on Whose Line Is It Anyway. Blondie and Mariah Carey are disturbingly masculine; Ringo's in character as the lovable scene-stealer (I'm not so sure that isn't the real Mr. Starkey, in fact); the Rolling Stones crotch shot is good stuffing—er, good stuff; and Jim Morrison, fittingly enough, appears at "The End." It's designed to drive traffic to a "Playlist" competition promoting the Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic Phone. This ad makes me feel so old. Are any of these acts still popular anywhere other than Rock Band or Guitar Hero? Sigh. I'm reeling in the years.

—Posted by David Gianatasio