No one told Motel 6 what bands do in hotels


Motel 6 has joined with Primary Wave Music, a song publisher, for "Rock Yourself to Sleep," a promotion that offers bands free hotel rooms while on the road. The Rolling Stones and U2 won't be taking part, no doubt preferring to quaff crème brûlées and make love to supermodels (or in Bono's case, meet with world leaders) at the Four Seasons. Bands that have signed on include Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers, Hit the Lights and Sparks the Rescue. I'm not sure those guys will ever leave once they're ensconced. Motel 6 beats sleeping in the van with the roadies, though admittedly not by much. And consider the situation from the other guests' point of view: You're already bummed because you're stuck in a Motel 6, and now there's a band next door, all charged up on Denny's food, rockin' out at full volume. And they won't share their groupies! Given Ozzy Osbourne's recent career arc, he should be checking in any day now.

—Posted by David Gianatasio