No Means Yes in Schneider Beer’s Somewhat Rapey Salute to Immature Men

Everything takes time to grow up

Oh grow up! This ad from Argentina's Schneider beer focuses on the time needed for the "slow-brewed" draught to achieve its optimal consistency and flavor. It does so by showing lots of guys who haven't quite matured. Doofus dudes urinate in the bushes at parties, play annoying air-guitar solos, hit on women in asinine ways—and in a brazenly un-P.C. moment of the ad, can't help "taking a no as a yes." It's an amusing spot and well made, but perhaps Ogilvy Buenos Aires should have aged the concept a tad more. If the guys start out like jerks but ultimately attain some degree of maturity—opening car doors and pulling out chairs for their dates, using the bathroom when nature calls—the point would be that much clearer. Instead, their development is arrested throughout, and I couldn't help thinking that if these semi-sapiens cut down on the booze, their behavior might improve. The approach is entirely different, but the central idea recalls Paul Masson's iconic "We will sell no wine before its time" commercials, though thankfully Orson Welles never took a whiz in those ads. (Actually, he was filmed from the chest up—and often soused—so who can say for sure?) Via Adverve.