No jokes about parallel parking, please

Peroni This seems like a whole lot of nothing. Some women in Italy are apparently peeved about a new TV commercial from Peroni beer that shows a woman having trouble parking a horse and carriage a century ago, and then struggling with an automobile in the present day, as two guys chuckle nearby. In a “Catfight” world, this would seem fairly tame, but a group of female Italian lawyers disagree—and are suing the beer company for being sexist and discriminatory. Says one: “In essence, it was saying that women 100 years ago could not park a horse and carriage, and even now they still cannot park a car. And all the while, these two men were looking on drinking beer and just laughing. What sort of image is that?” On these grounds, almost every American beer commercial would have to be kept off the air.

—Posted by Tim Nudd