Nissan UK fights dirty against the Germans

Nissan versus germany

Nissan UK is lashing out at the cool kids – meaning luxury automakers Audi, Porsche, and BMW — with a new ad campaign claiming superiority over the Germans. Nissan reps have even been driving around London in their competitors' cars, defaced with messages like, "More expensive, slower and less powerful than a Nissan 370Z." (See below.) But that's downright polite compared to poster headlines such as "Deutschland Deutschland Über-Rated." Ouch. Nissan UK marketing director Steve McLennan says the campaign "simply challenges the convention of German sportscars being the only benchmark for performance and quality," and that no personal offense is intended. To prove its claims, Nissan is offering a spec sheet comparing their cars to the German equivalents. If Nissan seriously intended to puncture BMW's classy image by snarling at them like a lunch table full of bitter high school yearbook editors, then the joke's on them. That said, it's hard not to giggle at a headline like "The Germans Came Off Wurst."

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