Netflix hypes Wii service with movie spoofs


Goodby, Silverstein & Partners parodies the four major movie genres—medieval epics, spy thrillers, musicals and films in which dogs reveal that children are trapped in wells—in four great-looking spots for Netflix (directed by Anonymous Content's Markus Walker and edited by Geoff Hounsell of Arcade Edit). See the medieval ad below, and the musical one after the jump. ("Spy" and "Rescue" aren't appearing online.) The spots promote Netflix's streaming content on the Wii. Thus, the Wii remote is the prized possession in each of the vignettes. The ads are obviously for people who already own a Wii. Luddites, meanwhile, might be confused about just what Netflix is offering here. The maiden above speaks for many when she says: "Seriously, what is it?"

—Posted by Tim Nudd