Need a giant bow for that car you’re giving?

Several times in recent years, we’ve mused on the topic of whether people
actually follow the auto industry’s advice and give a car for Christmas. (They
do—particularly, we assume, if they work at Goldman Sachs—see below.) But we’ve never really discussed whether this has ramifications for the
ribbon-and-bow industry. (It does.) We read in the New York Post last week that a company
called Bow Décor (located in Bow, N.H., which they say is the real reason Bow
is in the name) has sold 3,000 huge $99 bows this holiday season and turned down orders for 2,500
others due to “limited supplies.” We couldn’t find a link to Bow Décor online,
but we did find this: a company called, which also sells
car bows. What a relief. UPDATE: Now, the Louisville Courier-Journal has weighed in on this topic. They are pointing their well-heeled readers to, which claims to sell in excess of 15,000 huge bows per year—though, at only $48 per, it’s a cut-rate choice when compared to Bow Decor’s $99 bow.

 —Posted by Catharine P. Taylor