NeatDesk tames Abominable Paper Monster


He's got a balled-up takeout menu for a heart, business-card fangs and eyes as black as carbon paper. That could describe lots of folks. Tiger Woods, Ben Bernanke and Brian Morrissey come to mind. In fact, it's the Abominable Paper Monster, a jumbled mess of hard-copy documents and receipts, who gets "tamed" by the NeatDesk desktop scanner in the video posted below, by Red Tettemer. What's the worst that could happen, really, if you let a paper monster grow on your desk? You get really painful paper cuts or start a cubicle fire that burns the building to the ground. Either way, you've got an excuse to take a few days off work. Unless you work at home. Burn down your house, and your screwed. And yes, you readers under 25 are thinking, "WTF is paper?" Well, it's a long story.

—Posted by David Gianatasio