My Taco Bell avatar: Behold, Chihuaberus!

Chihuahua Taco Bell just launched a contest to put consumer avatars in commercials. Here’s my entry: It’s the chain’s iconic talking Chihuahua of yore, but with three heads, like Cerberus, the mythical guard dog of hell. Not to cast any aspersions on the fast feeder, but given its recent brushes with vermin and E. coli, I wanted an avatar that could withstand some punishment. I’m only 5’5", and have a cold, wet nose, so the resemblance is uncanny. Best of all, the Chihuahua has a litigious past, and my flagrant copyright infringement will generate plenty of free publicity. Drop the three chalupas! (OK, I’m 5’4". Happy now?) Thanks to Manuela Oprea for bringing my vision to life.

—Posted by David Gianatasio