Modernista! site: Web savvy or Web stunt?

Modernista! deservedly won praise for its innovative and shockingly unsucky Web site. Let’s face it, the bar wasn’t high. But just how ahead of the curve is Modernista! is when it comes to new forms of communication? After all, it committed a big Wikipedia no-no by steering its own entry. Chris Grayson, an amateur sleuth, points out on Modernista!’s Facebook fan page that the agency’s founding partners, Lance Jensen and Gary Koepke, are hardly poster boys for trying out new things. Jensen doesn’t have a Facebook page, and Koepke hasn’t uploaded a photo and doesn’t appear to have any friends. Even on LinkedIn, they leave a small footprint, Grayson notes. Neither one blogs. “This ‘company website as 2.0 filter’ looks a lot more like a stunt, than like an agency that ‘get’s it’ [sic] or is involved in Web 2.0 technology in any real way,” Grayson writes. The question comes down to whether it matters if top agency people do any of this new stuff. On the one hand, you’d think agency people have more important things to do than blog and Twitter. Then again, people like Ian Schafer of Deep Focus and Scott Goodson of StrawberryFrog are hip deep in social media stuff.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey