Meerkats go massive in epic U.K. ad trilogy

Meerkat epic trilogy

In what surely must be the most sweeping and impressive
talking-meerkat-driven creative endeavor of all time, VCCP in London and have pulled out all the stops for a trilogy of short films
tracing the origins, struggles and ultimate triumphs of the client's
animated spokes-critters. See them cross the desert, battle mongoose armies
and rise through the ranks of commerce!
Past efforts in the campaign won gold at the British
TV Advertising Awards, and this latest salvo's got the cinematic swagger of
epics like War and Peace and Lawrence of Arabia. Plus, the wee beasts are
better actors than Peter O'Toole, and their accents sound less affected.
That said, I'm not
sure what business the client's in. Looks like car insurance…or breeding
meerkats. Either way, these spots are sure to please. Unless you're a