March Madness, only slightly deflated

Deflatedbasketball_3Amid the fuss about March Madness, it turns out there’s a fair amount of March Indifference. In a Harris Poll fielded just prior to the start of the NCAA basketball tournament, just 12 percent of adults said they’ll take part this year in an office pool about it. The number is low in part because relatively few adults (23 percent of those polled) follow college basketball. Even among those who do so, just one-third said they’ll plunk their five bucks into a pool this year. Asked whether they’ve ever taken part in a March Madness pool, 31 percent of men and 8 percent of women said they have. When people enter a pool, are they doing it to show their loyalty to dear old Siwash? Ah, no: 67 percent of poolsters said they’re playing for the chance to make some money.

—Posted by Mark Dolliver

Photo: Getty Images