Man honors Ayn Rand with Google Earth ad


The good news: Nick Newcomen spent a month driving 12,000 miles, and using a GPS tracking device as a "pen," created what the Guardian describes as the "world's largest book ad" on Google Earth. Yay, literacy! The bad news: He's a Randroid. Yes, Newcomen's big message, virtually visible from space, is: "Read Ayn Rand." Newcomen got the idea after seeing "some GPS 'penned' shapes and drawings done by others" on Google Earth and decided to "create a 'written' message on a very large scale." Sadly, Rand—whose work is enjoying a boost in sales thanks to the economy driving people insane—is the only author he plans to advertise in this or any other way. But maybe he and the rest of Rand's cult of personality have a point. Maybe more people should read Ayn Rand. That way, future articles about her will focus less on her divisive beliefs and more on her utter dogshit writing.