Lionel Richie whores himself out for chip ad


I had hoped to be resting in the wormy silence of my tomb before Lionel Richie staged a comeback. No such luck, thanks to U.K. snack brand Walkers, which resurrects the crooner in this spot by AMV BBDO. Making matters worse, his mega-crap '80s hit "Say You, Say Me" is likewise back from the dead, reworked as "Share You, Share Me," with brand-centric lyrics: "Save one for me/Share them together/New extra crunchy." Very soulful. Actually, the new words make a lot more sense than the original. Walkers pitchman Gary Lineker, the former England soccer star, hurls Richie through a window at the end. Phil Collins, take note: If you even think about "Crunching in the Air Tonight," you'll get the same. Doubled. For a closer glimpse of this wretched train wreck, see the behind-the-scenes video after the jump. Via Campaign.