Life is worth living again with Heineken


Heineken’s got a suicide spot. Maybe it’s an anti-suicide spot. Either way, they are gonna get letters, e-mails, IMs and Tweets aplenty over this one. (Even if this ad’s fake, Heineken will still get ripped, so they might as well claim whatever credit comes their way for being all “cutting-edge” and such.) Some guy starts to hang himself, then realizes he’s standing on a Heineken box. “Fuck it,” he says in a thick brogue, choosing to live—and pop open a frosty one. John Lennon’s “Imagine” plays for some reason. One wonders: After swigging down a half-dozen, will the dude be right back in the noose, drunkenly bemoaning his woes and heading for the sweet hereafter? I hope so. He seems like a dip. Via Adrants.

—Posted by David Gianatasio