Lexus is back with usual Christmas downer

Lexus ’Tis the season for luxury car commercials that make the non-rich feel horrible. AdFreak has long chafed at the Lexus “December to Remember” spots, which make viewers feel like it’s normal to give a loved one a luxury car for the holidays as a surprise. But then it turned out people really do. Toyota says 10 percent of the Lexi sold in December are given as gifts. Lexus is not about to give up on a good thing, it seems, as it’s ginned up a new round of commercials showing those infernal red bows wrapped around $70,000 cars. And it’s now courting an even lamer target: the self-giver. A new spot encourages those who only got socks or soap on a rope to buy themselves a Lexus to make up for their doofus relatives. BMW is also getting into the act with its own round of commercials that play up the idea that the perfect gift for your guy or gal is a high-end vehicle—again, making the 99 percent of us who can’t fathom that kind of gift feel like we’re not keeping up. No wonder average Americans don’t find advertising relevant to their lives.