‘King’s Speech’ to find its voice in new ads?


I'd never heard of the multi-Oscar-nominated The King's Speech before yesterday, so I guess I'm part of the "mainstream" audience that producer/distributor Harvey Weinstein is seeking to lure by releasing a re-cut version and launching a new marketing campaign for the film. The period piece is about the friendship between King George VI of England and his speech therapist. Hey, who wouldn't want to see that? One plan to broaden the flick's appeal calls for excising its apparently abundant profanity. Though to attract most mainstream moviegoers I know, dubbing in a "Fuck you, my liege" or "Bugger off, my lady" here and there could only help. I guess there's no way they can go in a more "adult" direction and sex it up, as full-frontal shots of Geoffrey Rush are something we can all live without. Inserting product placements isn't a viable alternative for boosting revenue, either, as George VI can't be shown swigging POM at the Hyatt with any historical accuracy. As for advertising, new executions will reportedly carry the tagline, "Some things never go out of style: Friendship; Courage; Loyalty." Which is a lot more chick-flicky that the previous "It takes leadership to confront a nation's fear. It takes friendship to conquer your own." A Valentine's Day blitz will urge folks to "See it with the person who inspired you and changed your life." Sorry, but Justin Bieber turned down my invitation to Tron: Legacy, and he's not getting a second chance.