Kia Soul awesome if you’re a giant hamster

In this new David&Goliath commercial for the Kia Soul, giant hamsters roam the streets of Levittown, N.Y., just like they do in real life. Kidding. I'm sure Levittown's a beautiful place, maybe even as nice as Bayonne, N.J. (Hey, I zinged Jersey—no one's ever done that before!) While this effort is admirably offbeat, there's at least one major problem with it. Rodents terrify some people, myself included, and now I'll associate the Kia Soul with furry jowls and pointy incisors the size of my arms. Guinea pigs are just as bad! On the other hand, those huge hamster-wheels are cool. They're more aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly than the Soul. Maybe Kia should start selling those instead.

—Posted by David Gianatasio