Ketchup-packet PSAs a bloody good idea

Landmine_feet Ketchup packets don’t seem like the most controversial ad medium. But in New Zealand, there’s some grousing over this PSA campaign to raise awareness of landmines. To open the packet, you have to rip the boy’s foot off—and then, of course, the red liquid oozes out. “Well it is graphic, it is shocking, but so too is the reality—15,000-20,000 [people] having that sort of thing happening to them as a result of landmines,” says one backer. The group behind the ads, the New Zealand Campaign Against Landmines (CALM), is fundraising to clear Lebanon of landmines. New Zealanders can donate $3 to the cause by texting the word “CALM” to 336. Via Spare Room.

—Posted by Tim Nudd