Just like that, teen modesty is all the rage

Big news from the Associated Press this week: a mom shocked by her daughter’s modest clothing! Yes, this may be the newest trend in teen land: girls gone mild. How did this come about? Is it simply a long-overdue return to the days when 13-year-olds didn’t buy thongs, or at least partially the result of Disney’s billion-dollar, Christian-values boy band the Jonas Brothers? I’m thinking Disney’s summer of sweet, hot chastity has really caught on. Ms. Cyrus herself picked a modest dress for the Teen Choice Awards this year, compared with her cleavage-revealing, sparkly mini from last year. Even the CW is dressing its starlets from Gossip Girl (which won six Teen Choice Awards) with enough modesty and style to get the fashion blogs cooing (and you can shop for all the clothes on the GG Web site, squee!). Maybe innocence really is sexier than we thought.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers