J.R. Ewing ditches oil in ads for solar power


Larry Hagman, an old dude best known for playing the Texas oil baron J.R. Ewing on Dallas, is now hawking panels for SolarWorld. It's a good fit for the product, and those people who are old enough to remember Dallas will probably find it amusing. My issue is that the unifying link between all the executions is the creepy way he says "Shine, baby, shine!" and then cackles maniacally. I'm for solar power but staunchly against evil laughter. I'm also against using the old phone-call trick cause you're too cheap to hire other actors or too unimaginative to come up with a better plot device. But Hagman's laugh has made my addiction to CNN.com (where the spots are on heavy rotation) highly unpleasant. Somebody please shoot J.R. before this campaign hits TV. Or reshoot that cackle. I'm flexible. Four more spots after the jump.