Join Crunch Fitness at your own risk

Schoolgirls2Not belonging to a gym can be very, very dangerous, according to that notorious old 24 Hour Fitness campaign (tagline: “When they come, they’ll eat the fat ones first”). But belonging to a gym has its own unforeseen consequences. The guy shown here, in one of the new fall ads from Crunch Fitness, looks downright perturbed that he’s been set upon without warning by a pack of ravenous schoolgirls. But Crunch-goers know the feeling, according to the gym chain’s creative director, Jill Twardowski. “The inspiration for the campaign came from the natural high you get after a really great workout,” she says. 24hourfitness2_6“Even if you’re not in perfect shape, you walk a little taller, feel a little tougher, and maybe even secretly hope your classmates noticed your finely honed step aerobic skills.” Let’s just hope you get out alive. The print and outdoor campaign runs through December.

—Posted by Tim Nudd