Jimmy Dean’s sun becomes a crime fighter


The Jimmy Dean sun, an affable fellow who's universally loved (or at least loved by the universe), gets tough on crime in the company's new campaign from TBWA\Chiat\Day promoting a line of kids' food. In the video below, he battles three mildly evil "anti-villains" called DimWit, Slow-Mo and Crabby (sounds like my AdFreak colleagues!), who prey upon children who haven't eaten a decent breakfast. This stuff sets a new mark for ludicrous and self-consciously goofy advertising. DimWit's a broken lightbulb! Slow-Mo's an overacting bearded stopwatch! Crabby's a sinister cackling crab! They emerge from their underground lair and prowl middle schools, sabotaging spelling bees and science exams. The sun (why does he need a mask? Is he really the moon?) vanquishes the baddies by hurling food of questionable nutrition in their direction. The campiness might be lost on kids, though is probably effective for adults. I know I could sure go for an Egg McMuffin right about now.