Jerry making another fuss in East Hampton

Jerry_1It seems that restaurateur/ newspaper publisher Jerry Della Femina isn’t getting along too well with certain of East Hampton’s town fathers. The New York Post reported on Tuesday that the “veteran advertising czar” is plenty miffed that he’s been cited for overcrowding in his restaurant, Della Femina, on nine separate occasions and may have to pay fines totaling $4,500. Curiously, Della Femina doesn’t dispute that he’s guilty as charged. His restaurant is restricted by local laws from having any more that 81 patrons at any one time. But at least on one occasion, he was cited for seating twice that number. But Della Famina says he’s a victim of “selective enforcement,” prompted by the fact that two local pols are out to get him. Why? Because Jerry has questioned their competency in his paper, The Independent. Why he expects they wouldn’t go after him is unclear. But from the sounds of it, Della Femina is going to make a federal case out of the situation. Or at least fight City Hall. He told the Post he will hire a “civil rights lawyer” to defend him.

—Posted by Steve McClellan