James Blake is cool, but can he heat up?

Blake Evian is doing its best to hype its star American tennis endorser, James Blake, at this year’s U.S. Open. It has set up a microsite that includes a video of Blake bathing in a bathtub of Evian on the court at Arthur Ashe stadium. It’s a somewhat lukewarm offering, especially compared with American Express’s “Stop Pong” campaign with Andy Roddick. And actually, Blake has always seemed like a tough bet as an endorser—more complex, self-critical and overwrought than most companies might like. But he can play—as evidenced by his classic quarterfinal match last year against Andre Agassi, replayed during this weekend’s rain delays. For now, Evian’s just hoping Blake can make an unlikely run to the final. (He plays Tomas Berdych today in the fourth round.) One thing that’s odd about the Evian site: The “Evian at the U.S. Open” section is still “coming soon.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd